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Welcome to the Watching Voyeur, where we like nothing more than spying on unsuspecting couples having sex. If you are looking for the best sites featuring hidden video cameras, hidden locker room cameras, hidden bathroom cams or any other type of hidden sex cam, then you have come to the right place. We have scoured the web for the best sites featering hidden cams and hidden sex caught on film, and are willing to share.

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There are litterally thousand of sites out there promising to provide the best voyeur sex videos or the greatest footage from real hidden cams. But the sad truth is that most of these sites are trying to pass regular porn videos off as real voyeur videos. Often time the "hidden camera" will start moving during the video, or the person filming will start talking to the female that is being spied on, proving that the video is obviously fake.

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That is why we have made it our mission to find those sites that provide real voyeur sex videos and pictures. While some of these sites do have the odd video that was faked, but most of the videos on these sites are the real deal. These companies have arrangemnt with hundreds of bars, warehouses, hotels, restaurants and other business that use surveilance technology to buy their security camera videos if they record something interesting. So take a look around, I am sure you will not be disappointed.

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You would not believe where some companies have hidden security cameras. In one instance a hotel had problems with employees stealing supplies, so they installed a camera to monitor the linen and supply room. They never expected that they would catch two of their employees having sex during their lunch break.

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This is the place to be if you are into voyeurism. A huge community of like minded people, here you can exchange ideas and look at thousands of voyeur pictures and voyeur videos from around the world. Most of the pictures and videos were taken on the many nude beaches all around the world. Take a look, you might spot someone you know!

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